Liuwa Expedition

7 Days

Includes all park fees, game drives, walking safaris, camping accommodation, all meals/drinks/snacks, transportation, experienced and qualified guides.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

Liuwa Plains has one of the oldest conservation histories in Africa, dating back to the 19th century where the King of Barotseland, Lubosi Lewanika, appointed his people to be the custodians of the park and its wildlife. Now, with over 12,500 people legally living within the park, Liuwa Plains is a perfect example of people living with wildlife and co-existing in a shared landscape.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris
Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

Every year, Liuwa hosts the second largest wildebeest migration (second only to the Serengeti) on the continent – this is one of the most incredible sights on the planet.

What’s more is that unlike the Serengeti, when you visit Liuwa the chances of seeing another vehicle are slim. You will literally know what it feels like to be alone in the African wild. No cars, no cell phones, no crowds – just you and your fellow adventurers, your guide, your vehicle and the amazing wildlife.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris
Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

In the last few years National Parks of Zambia have reintroduced lion, eland and buffalo into the park. The numbers of these magnificent animals has now increased dramatically and is sustainable without any need for human interference. The park is now very well protected and poaching is on the decline. This makes for a fantastic expedition into one of the most untouched habitats in Africa.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

However, despite its increasing popularity, Liuwa is still very much at the high-end of the safari market. Fortunately, with Bongwe Safaris you can book this incredible expedition for the fraction of the exclusive prices usually spent to visit Liuwa.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

This suggested itinerary is a guide only – The trip can always be tailored to suit your needs and our day-to-day plans will vary in order to maximise wildlife sightings. For example, we may decide we want to follow a pride of lion that we saw the day before that may require an earlier start than advertised. Or, maybe you would prefer to stay in bed a little longer on the final day. Perhaps you would prefer more walking than game drives? No problem. The aim is to ensure that you have the best safari experience possible.

Liuwa Plains with Bongwe Safaris

The safari operates out of Livingstone, and offers transport to and from Livingstone as part of the trip, although alternative arrangements can be made by special agreement should your starting point be elsewhere in Zambia. Please contact us for more information.

Please contact us for availability and booking using the form below:

    A Bongwe Safari is not just a safari, it is an experience to remember.

    Day 1 :

    <p>Depart Livingstone, transit to Ngonye/Sioma Falls in time to tour the Falls and overnight camp. Very few people have explored these incredible, secluded waterfalls - a must-see!</p>

    Day 2 :

    <p>Drive to Liuwa Plains National Park via Mongu, set up camp and then enjoy your first evening game drive in this unspoilt, middle-of-nowhere national park. Includes a night drive with spotlight so we can get our first glimpses of the nocturnal creatures that roam the park.</p>

    Day 3 :

    <p>We spend the next 3 days exploring this treasure of a park whilst we track the massive wildebeest herds and the predators that follow them. We will also explore the less obvious creatures with more night drives, and off-the-beaten-track adventures.</p>

    Day 4 :

    <p>As above - more safari adventures looking for new experiences and sightings.</p>

    Day 5 :

    <p>As above - more safari adventures looking for new experiences and sightings.</p>

    Day 6 :

    <p>We depart Liuwa and make the long return journey back to Ngonye/Sioma Falls where we have one last chance to see this hidden gem.</p>

    Day 7 :

    <p>Return to Livingstone and your chosen accommodation.</p>


    • All park fees, game drives, walking safari, camping accommodation, all meals/drinks/snacks, transportation, experienced and qualified guides

    Not Included

    • Livingstone accommodation (see our accommodation options to stay at our camp or guest house), flights to/from Livingstone.
    What accessories should I bring?

    We recommend bringing a camera, some binoculars and a good hat to keep the sun off your head. Also some high factor sun cream. Insect repellent. Sunglasses.

    What clothing should I bring

    Whilst there isn’t really any strict rules with regards to attire, you should avoid wearing anything too bright. Whilst you don’t have to wear khaki colours, anything neutral in colour will be fine. Shorts and t-shirts are fine as are skirts and dresses. In the winter months we highly recommend a good jumper (jersey/sweatshirt), socks and long trousers to keep the early morning/evening chills at bay. Please ensure you have enough clothes for the duration of the trip.

    Should i bring any snacks/drinks.

    No, you do not need to bring anything. We provide all meals, drinks and snacks. However, feel free to bring along any additional food/drink that may not be part of our menu.

    Do I need medical insurance?

    Yes. All clients should have sufficient medical insurance to cover themselves in the unlikely event that they need to be emergency evacuated. They should also have cover for general outpatient and inpatient treatments in hospital. Most medical insurance covers this. If you paid for your holiday on credit card, your card provider may provide medical cover by default.

    What are we likely to see?

    Nothing is guaranteed in the African bush, but what we see most of are lion, elephant, bufallo, giraffe, hippo, crocodile, zebra, warthog, various antelope, fish eagle and a plethora of bird life. More elusive but definitely possible to see on any trip is cheetah, leopard, honey badger, wild dog.

    Is it dangerous?

    It would be remiss of us to say it is perfectly safe. However, there is very little risk of injury during a safari. Our vehicles are designed specifically for safari game drives and are safe. Our guides are professional and have been doing it for many years so they know what to approach and when. In over ten years of operation we have had zero incidents. Having said that, a fully kitted out first aid kit accompanies every trip and all guides are trained in first aid. There is also a satellite phone available to contact civilization in the unlikely event we need to.

    You can send your enquiry via the form below.

    Liuwa Expedition
    • You will be picked up and dropped off at your Livingstone accommodation. Please see pick up times. Transfers between the starting point and your accommodation vary between 10 and 20 minutes depending on where you are located within Livingstone.
    • Maximum group size is 6 people. Please contact us if you have a larger group.
    • 7 Days/6 Nights
    • Migrating wildebeest, lion, cheetah, leopard, elephant, hippo, crocodile, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, warthog, eland, roan, sable, impala, puku, kudu, fish eagle, vultures, kingfishers plus hundreds of other bird species.
    • All park fees, game drives, walking safaris, camping accommodation, all meals/drinks/snacks, transportation, experienced and qualified guides.
    • Livingstone accommodation, flights to/from Livingstone.
    • The Liuwa Expedition experience comes with public liability and emergency medical cover. However, all clients should have their own medical cover should anything, in the unlikely event, go wrong.
    • Minimum 12 years old.

    Payments Accepted