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Bongwe Safaris Ringo the Lion

Getting Close on Safari – A Close Encounter With Ringo

A safari guide’s close encounter with a rage-fuelled lion called Ringo. … Read More

Bongwe Game Drives

Is Being a Safari Guide Dangerous?

Is guiding on safari dangerous? Alec Cole says “no”, but if you are in the bush all year round, you are bound to have a close shave or two over the years. … Read More

Bongwe Game Drive

Safari Guiding and Photography

Should a safari guide be taking his own pictures? Or should he be working to ensure you get the best pictures possible? Alec Cole examines this conundrum. … Read More

Sunset on a Bongwe Safari

How to be a Safari Guide and The Art of Safari

Is there an art to being a safari guide? Does your guide add to the experience of an African Safari? Alec Cole ponders this question and how to be a safari guide. … Read More