Bongwe's Big Bush Bar

Bongwe's Bar has been one of the friendliest and best bars in Lusaka for the past 5 years.

We pride ourselves on being affordable, fun and friendly, have a wonderful crew of regulars who you will find at the bar most nights, and then on a weekend usually have a band or DJ playing and lots more faces! We are huge advocates of live music and have for many years, promoted some wonderful Zambian bands who today are household names in Lusaka because of it.

We believe in offering a product that is genuine and not pretentious. The ethos that has keep us going fro so long is that we would not want to invite anyone into a place that we ourselves would not choose to drink and eat at. Thus, the bar is arguably the heart of Bongwe and we hope you will feel the same way once you see for yourself.

Bongwe's Big & Little Bites...


Our Bongwe Kitchen is simple and delicious. We don't see the need to over complicate things and so have kept our menus short and straight to the point.


We offer yummy home-cooked meals!


Sample menu:


Chicken Popcorn - Deep fried chicken breast coated with mix of herbs and spices


Samosas - (4 per portion) Choice of Chicken, Beef or Vegetable       


Chips - Portion crispy fried home-made chips                      


Bongwe Beef Burger - A grilled (200g) beef patty served on a Home-made bun with fried egg, bacon and cheese with homemade chips


Homemade Chicken Pie - A delicious homemade creamy chicken and vegetable pie with a puff pastry lid


Homemade Pizza - A delicious selection of homemade pizzas cooked in our garden pizza oven